Kheth’Impilo specialises in solution development and implementation for health and community systems and services strengthening in marginalised communities.

The comprehensive Health care solutions include treatment, care and support for people infected and affected with HIV and TB as well as a range of innovative community based models of care that include community adherence, ECD, school health and accredited training.

Good News

  • KI Annual Report 2016

    KI Annual Report 2016

    Kheth’Impilo had a successful year, having several of its programmes rated among the top globally. The organisation received three international accolades for innovation during 2015, a testament to our promise of innovation in the continued pursuit of creating and increasing value for patients, facilities, stakeholders and donors.Read More »

Special Projects

  • Barbra Meets President Obama

    Barbra Meets President Obama

    Barbra is a community care worker and Kheth’Impilo Patient Advocate. She completed her Social Auxiliary worker qualifcation in 2012 and continues her work as a community health care worker, dedicated to making a difference.Read More »