Our vision

An AIDS-free generation in our time

Our mission

To support the South African Government in achieving its goals for the scale-up of quality services for the management of HIV/AIDS in the Primary Health Care sector as outlined in the National Strategic Plan.

Our objectives

The organisation’s main objectives are to support the South African Government’s HIV National Strategic Plan in its quest to achieve an AIDS-free generation in our time through:

The provision of comprehensive FAMILY CENTRED HIV prevention, treatment, care and support services by supporting the CCMT programmes in government health care centres;

Working with community-based organisations around community support of the above patients, thus ensuring long-term adherence to care and treatment;

Ensuring those who are in care and vulnerable are able to access any form of government social welfare or development assistance.

The organisation’s secondary objectives will be to work in collaboration with other organisations that mainly deal with health transformation and psychosocial support of those who are vulnerable in communities being served.