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Antiretroviral Therapy Outcomes in Rural and Urban Children Attending Public Health Facilities in South Africa (July 2009)

Challenges faced implementing an RCT and a cohort study evaluating new PMTCT interventions in South Africa (April 2009) (July 2009)

Community adherence support sustains improved three year outcomes for children on ART (July 2011)

Community Based Adherence Programme

Community Based Adherence Support

Comparing the effectiveness of Efavirenz and Nevirapine (November 2010) in South Africa (July 2009)

Continuum of care for Children strengthened

Encouraging PMTCT outcomes over an 18 month period (July 2011)

High priority district strategy to actualise the NSP by 2011 and beyond (April 2009)

Improved Access to ART at the PHC level through indirectly Supervised Pharmacist Assistants (October 2010)

Low mother to child transmission of HIV (July 2011)

Patient Advocate Journey (July 2011)

Patient Advocates (October 2010)

Primary Healthcare Facilities Deliver More Effective Antiretroviral Therapy

Reduced Vertical Transmission of HIV in Resource Limited Settings

Reducing the impact of HIV and AIDS on poor households improving access to governmental social security in South Africa

School based care and support

The Cinderella of Care (October 2010)

The treatment gap in South Africa


An evaluation of the impact of a community-based adherence support programme on ART outcomes in selected government HIV treatment sites in South Africa (January 2011)

Temporal Trends in Baseline Characteristics and Treatment Outcomes of Children Starting Antiretroviral Treatment (January 2011)

The Effect of Patient Load on Antiretroviral Treatment Programmatic Outcomes at Primary Health Care Facilities in South Africa (January 2011)

Comparing the effectiveness of efavirenz and nevirapine for fi rst-line antiretroviral treatment amongst an adult treatment cohort from South Africa (November 2010)

Increased vulnerability of rural children on antiretroviral therapy attending public health facilities in South Africa (November 2010)

Better Antiretroviral Therapy Outcomes at Primary Healthcare Facilities (September 2010)


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