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Aim: To implement high-quality international-level operational and implementation science research and to demonstrate publishable, evidencebased outcomes.

Kheth’Impilo performs operational and implementation science research related to HIV prevention and treatment in Southern Africa.  Kheth’Impilo is a member of the International Epidemiological Databases to Evaluate AIDS, Southern Africa, and has collaborated with 18 university and research institutions both nationally and internationally. Kheth’Impilo was awarded prizes for the best research presentations at the South African AIDS conferences in 2013 and 2017, as well as prizes from the 2014 Southern African HIV Clinicians Society Conference, 2010 Australasian HIV/AIDS Conference, and 2009 International AIDS Society Conference.
All research performed by Kheth’Impilo receives ethical approval from an appropriate Institutional Review Board ethics committee.

  • Number of peer-reviewed publications authored to date: 49
  • Number of conference presentations: 115
  • Kheth’Impilo citations to date: >700 (including citations by the World Health Organization).
  • Citations in 2018: 89

Current and past research projects include:

Kheth’Impilo is involved with operational and implementation science research related to HIV prevention and treatment in Southern Africa.

Past and current research projects include:

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of an HIV prevention program for HIV-negative pregnant women in a high HIV incidence district in South Africa.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV programs supported by Kheth’Impilo.
  • Cluster randomized trials evaluating multi-month dispensing of ART within community ART refill groups.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of HIV treatment programs for adults and children.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of community-based support programs for antiretroviral treatment patients.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of task-shifting human resources interventions for pharmaceutical care for ART patients.
  • Operational research regarding the HPTN071 Population Effects of Antiretroviral Therapy to Reduce HIV Transmission (PopART) cluster-randomized trial of the impact of a combination prevention package on population-level HIV incidence in South Africa.
  • The effectiveness of an HIV prevention program for school children in a rural district in South Africa.
  • Evaluating patient waiting times at primary healthcare clinics in South Africa.

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Kheth’Impilo has an internal M&E department with M&E indicators and systems that collect and verify our data. This department is tasked with the development of the data collection system which provides insight into the various interventions implemented by the organization.

Our monitoring and evaluation outcomes provide valuable input that influences management decisions and ensures high-quality program management. The approach ensures that Kheth’Impilo continues to assist the communities where the data originated from by providing unique, data-driven solutions which address root causes and ensure that donor resources are deployed effectively and efficiently..

Our data is evaluated by epidemiologists and results are published in peer-review journals and presented at conferences internationally.

Marketing and Communication

Aim: To create a seamless experience for Kheth’Impilo audiences with a consistent brand message, communicated in the same tone and style, throughout different media and channels that reinforce Kheth’Impilo brand positioning as a leader in public health innovation.
Marketing and Communications plays a key role in driving the programme objectives to increase awareness and uptake of services by providing utility to targeted beneficiaries through the right message, using the right channel at the right time. Effective marketing and communications facilitates in the differentiation of services and contribute to shaping our target audience’s perceptions on the benefits of available services, therefore, helping targeted beneficiaries to easily identify, access and engage with appropriate content, driving early adoption.