Report on Learners Tested in the Eastern Cape

CAPE TOWN, 29/03/2018 – Kheth’Impilo communicated the outcomes of its fact finding in a report to the Department of Education in all its spheres.  The report was accepted and the department is now waiting on the report from the Provincial AIDS council.

Our report confirms that pre- and post-test counselling was provided in all instances, that results were not declared in the presence of other learners and that there was no breach of confidentiality or protocol. Counselling is also offered according to SAG HTS guidelines.

The program is sanctioned and implemented in partnership with the National Department of Basic Education. All schools in the program have been allocated by the Eastern Cape Provincial Department of Basic Education and we confirm the program is not implemented with schools which have not been approved by The Provincial Department of Basic Education.

Kheth’Impilo operations are executed strictly in accordance with the law and programs are implemented in accordance with Good Clinical Practice, Good Pharmaceutical Practice and we remain above reproach ethically.

We are guided by our organisational values – Passion for the work we do; Compassion for the people we serve; Service excellence for all our clients and partners; Transparency and accountability; Team work, collaboration and mutual respect; innovative approach to strategic thinking; Human rights and Justice and an ethical approach to all that we do;; An environment that supports staff development, growth and up-skilling to  Increase knowledge and competence and to stay abreast of new developments in the HIV field.

We have an exceptional team of healthcare professionals, previously health activists who provide technical assistance in order to address HIV and TB health service challenges for children, adolescents and adults in high HIV prevalence communities through high quality care that increase life expectancy, reduces mother to child HIV transmission, contributes to viral suppression and increased HIV survival.

Kheth’Impilo was awarded the 2014 Health Innovators Award “pioneering approaches to delivering value“ and several of our programs are rated among the top social innovations in the Global South by the WHO/TDR and Oxford University in partnership with University of Cape Town and the Bertha Centre for Social Innovation.

We continue to work closely with stakeholders to find the best solutions to issues as they arise and we will continue to do this for this situation. We regard this media matter now as closed.

For more information contact:
Mr Shane Everts, Marketing and Communications, Mr Vincent Titus, Head of Community Services at 021 410 4300 or direct any queries in writing to


Kheth’Impilo AIDS Free Living is a national Public Benefit Organisation with section 18A exemption status. We are uniquely positioned to address HIV/AIDS in the high prevalence districts through-out South Africa. Our mission is to support the South African Government in achieving its goals to scale up quality services for the management of HIV/AIDS in the Primary Health Care sector as outlined in the National Strategic Plan. Our comprehensive health care solutions include prevention, care, treatment, and support for people infected and affected with HIV and TB, supported by a range of community based models of care that include community HIV testing, community based adherence support, early childhood development, school health and accredited training., please visit