Barbra Meets President Obama

Ms Barabra Matasane

Barbra is a community care worker and Kheth’Impilo Patient Advocate. She completed her Social Auxiliary worker qualifcation in 2012 and continues her work as a community health care worker, dedicated to making a difference.

I build trust with patients, explaining why it is important to continue taking their treatment.

Barbra is living openly with HIV. She was a complex patient currently on second line therapy. As a patient, she was down referred from Tygerberg hospital to the Kraaifontein day hospital in Cape Town and has written extensively about her journey with HIV. She joined Kheth’Impilo in 2005 as a Patient Advocate and quickly progressed to team leader in 2006 before her appointment as patient facilitator in 2009. Her commitment and involvement would not end here; Barbara was successfully completed her Social Auxiliary worker qualifcation in 2012 where after she assisted Social Workers with Early Childhood development for those households affected by HIV/AIDS.

Barbra recently had her second child. Successful PMTCT intervention ensured better prospects for a healthy, HIV negative boy named Neo.

In June 2013, President Obama visited a community health center in Cape Town which provides health advice, testing and counseling, as well as educational opportunities, sport and recreational activities for young people. President Obama’s visit highlighted South Africa’s work to combat HIV/AIDS and secure the health and success of Africa’s next generation.

Barbra was invited to share her story of determination and informed the discussion about the patient support she provides.

Barabra Matasane meets President Obama