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Home Bases HIV Counseling & Testing

Project Description

This project utilizes a household and community approach, encompassing “door to door” drives to conduct home screening and testing to increase reach. Community-wide interventions can add substantially to facility-based services and have the potential to fundamentally alter the epidemiology of transmissible diseases starting within the household.

Geographical Location

EThekwini district and Buffalo City Municipality (BCM), Eastern Cape Province and Umsunduzi district in KwaZulu-Natal.

Funding Cycle: October 2013 to March 2016

Programme Achievements:

During this financial year, 14 280 Index Clients consented to be trailed to their household; this led to the counselling and testing of 44 960 people in the households. The test acceptance rate is 91% (44 960 of 49 638) and the HIV sero-positivity rate was 8.4 %. A total of 2 327 individuals who tested positive for the first time, as well as repeat testers that tested positive, were referred and successfully linked to care and treatment at health facilities. 3 778 individuals who tested positive for HIV were all screened for TB and 1 621 had symptoms suggestive of TB. Subsequently 529 of these were referred and successfully linked to care and treatment at a health facility. 91% of people testing positive for HIV were also screened for STI (3 436 of 3 778), and 731 were referred for treatment. A total of 5 584 individuals were referred for family planning from the households, while 465 were referred for antenatal care, of whom 54 tested HIV positive. 1 881 men testing HIV negative were referred for Voluntary Male Medical Circumcision (VMMC) services as seen in the table above.

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Nontuthuzelo Manjezi

Community Services Project

Image of Nontuthuzelo Manjezi

Nontuthuzelo Manjezi

Community Services Project

Manager Nontuthuzelo Manjezi is a clinical nurse practitioner with extensive community nursing experience in remote rural and informal settlements. She primarily focused on maternal and women’s health especially antenatal primary care. Nontuthuzelo was a nurse educator for Eastern Cape nursing students and she was also involved with sexual and reproductive health research at the UCT Women’s Health Research Unit. Nontuthuzelo worked with the PPFSA in sexual and reproductive health supporting NGOs and she has in the employ of Kheth’Impilo as the manager for the training of community adherence workers now heading Community Services.