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Negative Mothers Programme

Project Description

Pregnant women and adolescents who give permission will be appointed a Patient Advocate (PA), who will visit the home every three months until the baby is 18 months old. The PA is a lay health worker who will give advice regarding pregnancy and infant health and feeding, and how to prevent HIV. Women and adolescents who give permission will also receive counselling and testing for HIV during the home visit. The PA will also give advice to partners regarding HIV and sexual health. Men who give permission will also receive counselling and testing for HIV, and may be referred to the clinic for further treatment if required. This project supports health literacy and health promotion to adolescents, non-pregnant women, pregnant women, partners and children, focusing on specific positive prevention interventions. A critical component of this integrated prevention strategy is the HIV and AIDS Counselling and Testing Campaign (HCT), ensuring that negative pregnant women and their partners are tested at 12-week intervals.

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Funding Cycle: March 2012 to December 2015
45 in October 2014 and 64 in September 2015

Programme Achievements

During this financial year, 999 pregnant women attended antenatal services for the first time at Kheth’Impilo-supported health facilities, with 633 testing negative. Of the 633 women who were continuously tested at 6-week intervals during pregnancy, 1 seroconversion was recorded post-delivery.