Outcome of Fact Finding and Stakeholder Meeting in Eastern Cape

– with Regards to Testing of Learners in Schools

CAPE TOWN, 27/03/2018 – On Monday 26 March Kheth’Impilo CEO, Dr Ashraf Grimwood and Head of Community Services Mr Vincent Titus heard the concerns of parents in the Port Elizabeth community in person. A stakeholder meeting was held with representatives from the Department of Basic Education, Provincial AIDS Council, school staff as well as parents. We have committed ourselves to fact finding and the outcome of the stakeholder meeting has shown there was no breach in testing protocol or client confidentiality.The allegations levied against Kheth’Impilo in the media are as follows:

  1. Children were tested on the school premises.
  2. Children were allowed to test without parental consent.
  3. Proper pre and post -test counselling was not provided.
  4. Results were not kept confidential and were publicly announced.

No one present at the stakeholder meeting could validate these allegations made in the media. Kheth’Impilo now dismiss these allegations following the outcome of our investigation and stakeholder meeting held yesterday and state that our evidence indicates:

  1. HIV Testing services were provided outside the school grounds.
  2. Consent forms were distributed
  3. Parents signed consent for their children to be tested.
  4. Those children over the age of 12 who presented themselves for HIV testing were tested
  5. All clients were provided with confidential pre and post- test counselling in a private space.
  6. There is no-evidence of breach of confidentiality or publicly disclosing the status.
  7. No children received immunization injections at the HIV testing site.

We continue to work closely with stakeholders to find the best solution and assure the public that client confidentiality and the best interest of children remain our priority. We reiterate; our operations are executed strictly in accordance with the law and associated regulations and programs are designed and implemented within the ambit of all applicable laws, policies and regulations.

The current program is sanctioned and implemented in partnership with the Department of Basic Education. All schools in the program have been allocated by the Provincial Department of Basic Education and we confirm the program is not implemented with schools which have not been approved by The Provincial Department of Basic Education.

For more information contact:
Mr Shane Everts, Marketing and Communications, Mr Vincent Titus, Head of Community Services at 021 410 4300 or direct any queries in writing to info@khethimpilo.org


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