Training solutions

Social Auxiliary Workers

A sustainable solution to unemployment and income security in impoverished communities.

The purpose of this qualification is to equip qualifying learners with the basic knowledge and understanding of the South African context within which social services are delivered. Social Auxiliary Workers are geared to understand social development in terms of the needs, policies and the role of a Social Auxiliary Worker in a community context. Basic knowledge of human behaviour, relationship systems and social issues and the ability to address social needs using appropriate social auxiliary work methods and techniques are covered. This training solution provides the skills to work as a team member and as a provider of support services to a social work team.
The successful completion of the qualification will enable these learners to register with the SA Council for Social Service Professions as a Social Auxiliary Worker in terms of section 18 of the Social Service Professions Act, 1978 (Act 110 of 1978) while providing the opportunity to continue learning and gain access to the Bachelor of Social Work (NQF Level 7) qualification.


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