Community cluster


Adherence Programme

Funding Cycle: October 2013 to March 2016

Project Description

This programme provides adherence and psycho-social support interventions for patients through Kheth’Impilo’s Patient Advocate (PA) model. Ongoing treatment, counselling and psycho social support at the community level are provided with special attention paid to the very ill, pregnant, TB infected, children and adolescents, as well as patients struggling with disclosure. Patient Advocates are the link between the clinical services and the community, and enable Kheth’Impilo to identify challenges that may become barriers to treatment and refer patients for services to address these challenges. The psychosocial support through health education, recalling for viral blood takings, and early tracking of missed appointments improves clients’ retention.

Geographical location

Eastern Cape (Buffalo City Municipality, Nelson Mandela, Cacadu /Sarah Baartman, Amatole and OR Tambo), KwaZulu Nata (Amajuba, ILembe and Msunduzi).

Programme achievements

This community based treatment care and support adherence program awarded to Kheth’Impilo by NACOSA for the Global fund Round 10 achieved 156 207 ART patients that received adherence support achieving 221% of our target. These individuals were provided with 789 836 adherence support visits during the year.