Amajuba, KZN

Operations in Amajuba started in 2005 with direct service delivery. The programme expanded from three hospitals in the district to 23 public health clinics by the end of 2010.
Kheth’Impilo currently offers technical support which entails quality improvement initiatives for better quality patient care, training and mentoring of nurse initiative management of antiretroviral therapy (NIMART), data quality improvement support, and community-based support for patients.
Quality patient care initiatives focus on improving the patient experience in the facilities. This can include decreasing waiting times, improving patient flow, improving patient education about their diseases, good patient monitoring practices as per guidelines, and availability of essential medicines at all times. The data quality improvement support includes Tier.Net implementation and sign-off, data verification and validation, E-tool and DHIS support, and data capturing where there are backlogs.
The community-based support comprises of a dedicated cadre of Community Workers: the Patient Advocates who support patients on antiretroviral therapy and improve adherence to treatment.


  • Health System Strengthening
  • Pharmacy Services
  • Adherence Programme
  • Early Childhood Development Programme
  • School Health Programme
  • Home based Counselling and Testing