Clinical Training Programme

The current clinical training workshops ( each of duration two full days) are conducted off-site in a formal classroom environment, and average 30 to 40 workshops annually. These are taken by KI to geographically located training venues eg hotel conference centre, close to areas that KI supports. They are completely supported by Kheth’Impilo training staff and funders. Trainers originate from a pool made up of National and provincial expert doctors, a specialist ( paediatrician) and nurses. Workshops includes all printed material and catering requirements with no fee to participants. In addition, external clinical experts may be included as facilitators or a collaborative workshop may be arranged shared with Department of Health staff. All training material is aligned and updated to conform to current National (or provincial ) guidelines and policies. On-site KI staff also provide mentoring support to all healthcare workers. Extensive networks exist with other NGO support partners to integrate training services eg shared distribution of printed job aids, posters etc.

Topics include:

  • Management of complicated HIV and TB
  • HIV Drug resistance and clinical management
  • Adult HIV and AIDS
  • Paediatric Tuberculosis and HIV
  • Drug sensitive TB
  • PMTCT and maternal health ( incorporates BANC)
  • Rapid Testing Quality Improvement Initiative (RQTII)
All workshops are accredited with certificates from local tertiary institutions (universities) for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points. Training coordination, administration and support ensures that data is accurately collected on each workshop. This is aligned with local South African provincial Regional Training Centres (RTC) and funders. Software used is SkillSMART and TrainNet (USAID). The workshops ( usually 30 participants in number, but vary from 20 to 80) focus primarily on post-graduate professionals including medical doctors, professional nurses and pharmacists. Secondary participants may include managers ( for facility/operational/programme), coordinators as well as allied professionals. All these staff are usually employed in the public health sector supporting primary health care clinics, community centres and hospitals. All workshops continue to evolve and contents change as priority and new areas of need arise to upskill and support healthcare providers. The impending CPD requirements for professional nurses is an important development, as well as ongoing support of the National Department of Health Nurse Initiated Management of Antiretroviral Therapy (NIMART) programme. Since 2015, one day symposiums have been conducted ( one per quarter)., It is a one day learning and sharing platform where approximately eight experts in their field provide presentations on select topics. These are all made available electronically upon completion through KI web portal supported by KI IT.

Dr Dean Solomon

Clinical Expert Trainer