Human Resources

AIM: To position Kheth’Impilo as the preferred employer of choice in our quest to build a superior workforce and unique organizational culture, contributing to a strategic competitive advantage operationally as we attract top talent globally.

Recruitment and selection

There must first be an alignment between the organisation strategy and the best recruitment strategy to ensure the needs and objectives of the organisation is matched with the values, goals and abilities of the prospective employee. A job analysis is done to determine the minimum requirements, essential functions and performance requirements for the position. Using the information from the job analysis it can inform a clear person specification and Job description and required weighting of duties which allows for. The job analysis also informs the interview guide and different interview techniques can be used such as the conventionally structured interview, sometimes combined with another method such as psychometric testing. The process allows better ability to determine a person-job fit, person-culture fit, person-organisation fit.

Effective Employee Relations

Approach to IR that instils confidence with employees seeking corrective outcomes and alignment with organisational strategic objectives as opposed to punitive outcomes. Instituting good employee relations policies instils trust and consistency in the treatment of employees and promotes higher productivity and also allows employers to demonstrate that they have been consistent and fair in their actions, by following the required processes and procedures, as outlined in labour law.

Performance management

Alignment of individual goals with organisational goals fostered in two way communication between manager and employee helps to identify the organisations training needs as required by the Skills Development Act. We facilitate employee training and development that promotes equality in the workplace and validate employee performance in a fair and transparent way, fostering open and honest communication between management and employees. Therefore, fostering a high performance culture that is clear on expectations and help employees identify their own development needs.

Training and development

Skills development and training offered to derive mutual benefit as both the employee and the organization needs to remain relevant and be able to stay competitive in the market. In order to achieve this Kheth’Impilo remains responsive to market conditions through innovation and ensures that our workforce is up to date with current trends.