Michael Kallis

Kheth’Impilo had a successful year, having several of its programmes rated among the top globally. The organisation received three international accolades for innovation during 2015, a testament to our promise of innovation in the continued pursuit of creating and increasing value for patients, facilities, stakeholders and donors.

The organisation has positioned itself as a leader in public health innovation, being one of the few organisations that have successfully integrated Health, Welfare and Education as a holistic approach for improved public healthcare.
Kheth’Impilo was well represented locally and internationally, with several international peer-reviewed journal publications as well as local and international conference presentations.
The organisation currently employs more than 1600 staff providing services in over 400 facilities in South Africa. Kheth’Impilo provides services to 10% of the population currently on treatment, having tested more than two million people of which 250 thousand patients have been initiated onto antiretroviral therapy to date.
An exceptional team contributes towards health services and addressing complex challenges for children, adolescents and adults in high HIV prevalence communities, providing high quality care that increases life expectancy, reduces mother to child transmission and leads to increased HIV survival.
Thank you to our donors, management and staff. The achievements attained would not have been possible without your continued support.