KI Annual Report 2017

Kheth’Impilo places great emphasis on a stakeholder approach to address the root causes of public healthcare issues in South Africa and beyond. The organisation continued to celebrate significant achievements in 2016 as operations expanded in South Africa as well as regionally into Africa. The growth is pursuant to the organisation’s initial steps towards establishing a global footprint in public health innovation emanating from a progressive growth strategy set to roll out over the next few years.

The organisation was well represented locally and internationally, with several international peer-reviewed journal publications as well as local and international conference presentations.

Kheth’Impilo currently employs more than 966 staff providing services in over 400 facilities in South Africa. Kheth’Impilo provides services to 10% of the population currently on treatment, having tested more than two million people of which more than 250 thousand patients have been initiated onto antiretroviral therapy to date.

New technical assistance programmes were also initiated in 2016, mainly devoted to scoping visits, high level engagements with stakeholders and the Ministries of Health in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zimbabwe and Burundi and the beginning of some activities in Zimbabwe and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

We remain true to our promise of innovation in the continued pursuit of creating and increasing value for patients, facilities, stakeholders and donors. Networks and partnership remain paramount as we acknowledge that no stakeholder stands alone in the process of creating value. The organisation continuously improves its existing operations to ensure supported individuals, communities and governments achieve their goals.

Welcome to our new board members, Israel and Riaan. We thank our exiting board member Michael Kallis.
The Global environment presents for the first time, an era of uncertainty, especially in regards to future funding. The rise in population as well as Xenophobia makes our future survival uncertain, placing our staff and our work at potential risk when working across Africa.

Presently, all is working well and funding continues to grow for Kheth’Impilo support in the Countries we are currently working in.

Thank you to our loyal donor base, the executive management team and dedicated staff who continue to raise the bar in health service delivery, strengthening systems for comprehensive healthcare management that now directly benefit our beneficiaries in marginalised communities. The achievements attained would not have been possible without your continued support.

Prof. Marian Jacobs