Kheth’Impilo is a South African Not for Profit Organisation that has been providing clinical care and treatment services, health services and community and individual health systems strengthening for more than 10 years through direct programme implementation and technical assistance at all levels to the South African Government and others across Sub-Saharan Africa. The organisation is positioned as a leader in public health innovation, being one of the few organisations that has successfully integrated Health, Welfare and Education to provide a comprehensive approach to systems challenges. The comprehensive Health care solutions include prevention, care, treatment and support for people infected and affected with HIV and TB supported by a range of innovative community based models of care that include community HIV testing, community based adherence support, early childhood development, school-based sexual and reproductive health and rights as well as accredited training for community health care workers, and health professionals.

Our program data is evaluated by Epidemiologists, the organisation publishes annually in peer reviewed journals and presents programme achievements at international conferences. Kheth’Impilo has an exceptional team of healthcare professionals able to provide technical assistance at district and facility level in order to address HIV and TB health service challenges for children, adolescents and adults in high HIV prevalence communities through high quality care that increase life expectancy, reduces mother to child HIV transmission, contributes to viral suppression and increased HIV survival.

Kheth’Impilo responds to a promise of Innovation in Public Health and consistently delivers with specialised solutions for development and implementation.

Kheth’Impilo was awarded the 2014 Health Innovators Award “pioneering approaches to delivering value” and more recently had success with some programs rated among the top social innovations globally by the WHO/TDR and Oxford University in partnership with UCT and the Bertha Centre for Social Innovation.