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Programme Title

The impact of an innovative combination HIV treatment and prevention programme on child HIV-free survival, health and school attendance through the HPTN 071 (PopART) trial.

Funding Cycle: April 2013 to September 2017
Staff: 68 staff members (1 Project Manager, 3 Doctors, 5 CNPs, 3 Professional Nurses, 1 enrolled Nurse, 2 Pharmacist, 5 PBPA, 1 DQO, 11 data Capturers, 20 CHWs,2 NPO supervisors, 11 unselors and 3 others).

Project Description

Population Effects of Antiretroviral Therapy on HIV Transmission [PopART] is a multi-centred cluster randomized control trial looking at the effect of a combination of HIV prevention interventions (home based HIV Counselling and Testing [HCT], screening for Tuberculosis [TB] and for Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), provision of condoms, referral for Voluntary Male Circumcision, offer of Antiretroviral Therapy irrespective of CD4 count and stage) on the incidence of HIV in 21 communities; 12 in Zambia and 9 in South Africa. KI is the implementing partner for the provision of technical assistance to the clinical interventions of the trial in the facilities located in the PopART communities of the City of Cape Town [CCT] Metro health district.

Geographical location

  • Cluster A communities: where universal testing and treatment are implemented: in the City of Cape Town (CCT) district Ikhwezi and Luvuyo communities in Eastern and Khayeltisha sub- districts
  • Cluster B communities: where universal testing and ART as per provincial guidelines are offered; in the CCT district, Delft South and Kuyasa communities (Tygerberg and Khayelitsha SD);
  • Cluster C communities: where Standards of care are to be strengthened: in the CCT, Bloekombos and town 2 communities (Northern and Khayelitsha SD).

Programme achievements

During this financial year,50,997 people had HIV Counseling Testing (HCT) testing done with 2,399 tested positive for HIV translating to 4.7 percent positivity rate with a total of 4,622 started on ART. The total number of adult and children Remaining In Care (RIC) at the end of the year is17,675 with children contributing 3.4 % (604 of the 17,675).

During this quarter, In line with the NDOH strategy to implement Universal Test and Treat strategy; facilities in clusters B and C communities were transitioned to arm A and 2 additional health facilities Kuyasa male clinic and Nonzamo CDC were supported in addition to the 6 health facilities translating to a total of 8 health facilities supported by KI.