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Advanced Clinical Care 

This series of accredited online modules aims to support clinicians and Primary Health Care workers (doctors, nurses and pharmacists) in the treatment and referral of patients presenting with Advanced HIV Disease (AHD) within Primary Health Care settings, and strengthen the National Department of Health’s Advanced Clinical Care (ACC) programme. 

Learning material has been developed and informed by national policies, guidelines, standard operating procedures (SOPs), reference materials, and best practices. Modules include continuous assessments in the form of case studies and multiple-choice questions. Content is available in electronic format via Kheth’Impilo’s online learning platform, with a mobile-app user interface available for download on Apple, Android and Huawei App stores. Each module has been accredited for 2 CPD points. A list of up-to-date resources and essential reading can be found at the end of each module.

A Certificate of Competence will be awarded to participants upon:
• Completion of online content
• Passing multiple-choice questions and case-study assessment with 70% and above. 

Available modules
Advanced HIV Disease (AHD) and:

• Epidemiology
• General principles of care
• Drug resistance and pharmacology
• Respiratory disease
• Hepatic disease  
• Neurological disease
• Hematological disease

Kheth'Impilo Training

Each module is self-directed and requires 2- 3 hours to complete. On registration, participants will be emailed log-in details to access course content and will have 3 months to complete the module from date of enrollment. Participants may register for one or more modules, with the option to register for additional modules at a later date using the same registration form. 

Additional modules:
• Renal disease
• Paediatric patient
• Ageing patient
• Mental health
• Nutrition  

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This course will provide participants with an overview of Pharmacovigilance and the reporting of Adverse Drug reactions.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:
• Define Pharmacovigilance, Adverse Drug Reactions and Adverse Events.
• Understand the history and importance of Pharmacovigilance reporting.
• Explain the Benefit of Adverse Drug reaction reporting.
• Describe Pharmacovigilance in South Africa.
• Understand adverse drug reaction following Immunization.

 Pharmacovigilance in South Africa
- what type of reactions to report
- Who should report
- Minimum information to report
- What happens to a report
- Meganisms of ADRs. 


Pharmacovigilance as a discipline and International overview
• What is Pharmacovigilance?
• What is an Adverse Drug Reaction?
• History of Pharmacovigilance?

Benefits of Pharmacovigilance reporting
• Others
- Teratovigilance
- Adverse Events Following Immunisation
- COVID-19 vaccine.
• How to report, including tools

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