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Kheth'impilo Training Academy

In our continued efforts to support our communities, we have undertaken to facilitate in providing current Policies, Procedures and Healthcare training methodologies aligned to our supported programs and other.
We introduce to you, the Kheth’Impilo Training Academy, geared at upskilling the supporting Community Healthcare Professionals. 
Our online Training Academy platform has been developed using Moodle. Moodle is an open source learning management software platform, customized to provide you the ultimate online learning experience. 

Training provided included predominantly healthcare workers from facilities (clinics, Community day care centres, mobile clinics and hospitals) in the Department of Health supporting HIV and TB clinics as well as Antenatal clinics. Primary focus is on medical officers, professional nurses and pharmacists. Additional staff attending training workshops are working the various other allied departments such as emergency out patients, chronic care e.g. Diabetes, hypertension. Other stakeholders attending included staff from Department of Correctional Services, other NGOs etc. Secondary target audience include allied professionals e.g. physiotherapists, managers and supervisors.  

The purpose of the Clinical training is to: 



Upskill  staff who have not had experience treating and caring for HIV infected patients

Mobile-unit training

Need HIV specialized Training

Staff often rotate through various specialized and generalized clinics at facilities in services not dedicated to HIV care e.g. psychiatric posts, antenatal care, TB clinics.



Induct staff who are newly employed or whom may have come out from retirement


Update existing staff 

on new guidelines and updates (as these are regularly updated at a National and provincial level as protocols and medicines change)

Staff Training

Train New Staff

 Train new staff who may have replaced staff that have left due to retirement, illness, pregnancy or transferred out to another facility/province.

Nurse Training

Standby Staff

Limited existing staff and the need for skeleton staff to remain at busy facilities while staff are away at off-site training workshops result in not all staff being able to attend each training workshop.


20 Howard Drive
Cape Town


Phone: +27 (0)21 410 4300

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